New Trend Alert! Jewellery Chain

October 27, 2020

New Trend Alert! Jewellery Chain

Accessorizing an outfit with chain jewellery can effortlessly dazzle any look but, it takes a lot more than hoarding trends to pull it off. What you adorn yourself with says volumes about your individuality and your accessories are essentially your mode of expression that makes a statement about your personality, besides adding extravaganza to your look.

This year, fashion runways have witnessed a staggering presentation of Chain Jewelry unravel and with its perceptible glamour, it didn't take too long for the trend to be widespread. If you're looking to streamline with the fashionable and versatile trend of chain jewellery this season, take notes because we know exactly what you need to stock on. From the flattened beauty of Figaro chain to rich pop-culture history of Curb chain, each one embodies class and speaks of nothing less than sheer elegance.

Chain necklaced have hoarded great popularity amongst fashionistas primarily because of their versatility and distinct yet chic aesthete. Whether you're looking for a minimalist look with light chains or are on the hunt for statement-making chunks, each chain is meant to flatter the neckline. Straight from Valeri Christina's latest Chain Collection are the stunners of the show, the Gold Curb Chain Necklace and the Gold Figaro Chain Necklace. As each gorgeously lingers around your neck, the intricate links dominate to give off a laidback look. 

With the popularity that gold jewellery has gained, another inevitable trend has followed; layering. Nothing is seen to complement the fashionable chain necklaces as gorgeously as the pendants. Try the classic trend or play with metals; the possibilities in layering necklaces are not only high in fashion but are also evidently endless. For example, layer the voguish Gold Venus Chain Necklace with the Gold Mati Chain Necklace for a trendsetting look that is sure to turn some heads.

Chain jewellery is a timeless style that is bound to embed in our formal and streetwear. Discover what style resonates with you most and, it'll only be a matter of a few fashionable minutes before you're all set to flatter.

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