Introducing Zircon

September 14, 2021

Introducing Zircon

The new Zircon collection is defined by dazzling gemstones in vibrant colors. This unique new range of jewelry is made of tiny natural gemstones that create a glassy ornament that sparkles. The Zircon collection is designed to evoke joy, amusement, and happiness in a post-lockdown world.

Vibrant colours and playful geometric shapes define this delightful collection. Each piece of the Zircon collection is designed to lift the spirits of the wearer and of those passing by. After a challenging year and a half, the world deserves to see more colour and liveliness. We can all do our part by adorning ourselves in exciting and whimsical styles.

A natural sparkle and diamond-like qualities have made zircon a highly desirable gemstone for centuries. Its high levels of luster, dispersion, and refraction allow it to play beautifully with the surrounding light. Derived from the Persian word ‘zargun’, or gold-coloured, zircon is a brilliant and fiery stone that has the ability to produce breathtaking flashes in all of the colours of the rainbow.

This trendy new collection features an eye-catching selection of rings, earrings, and Valeri Christina’s first ever selection of ear cuffs.

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