Meet the Creator 


Hi there, I'm Valeri Christina, the creator and face of the Valeri Christina brand. I wanted to tell you all a little about myself, my brand and my motivations behind creating unique, timeless and elegant pieces.

The brand, Valeri Christina, was launched in Paris in 2014, and today we are based in London. My background is of Greek and Cameroonian descent. The inspiration for my collection comes from my African and European heritage, the materials that surround me, my travels, cultural traditions from around the world and history. Sharing my creations with all of you is what I thrive on. 

I love bringing a fresh perspective and new energy to each collection.  Throughout the collection you can see eye-catching materials and vibrant colours. My work is dedicated to creating modern, intricate and stylish jewellery for women. Our pieces are handmade with love and we invest our heart and soul into them. 


Behind the Brand



I believe that getting lost is sometimes the best way to find yourself. The beginning of this journey wasn't predictable. I was working in a corporate job and becoming tired of the negative environment I had found myself surrounded by...I realised I needed to make a change. 

My journey of self discovery was underway after experiencing depression for the first time in my life, as a result of a painful breakup and an unsatisfactory working environment.

Valeri Christina is more than a brand to me, it is the rebirth of my soul. This brand symbolises freedom. I began this journey with a mission to support, empower, and encourage others to take risks in order to reach their full potential. My mission is to convey a positive message daily and my creative universe is my channel of communication. 

I have always expressed my creativity through art. As a child, I loved drawing, painting, singing and dancing. I never imagined that I would become a jewellery designer and I am so excited to continue this adventure. A few years ago, I discovered rope-based jewellery and quickly fell in love. I knew I had to explore more so I started without experience, solely with the desire to have fun and create unique and original pieces. Not knowing what could come of it, I posted my first model on social media and little did I know, people started personally messaging me for more product information. The rest is history. 

I manage all the brands activity including the design, manufacturing and marketing. Being so hands-on in my business has given me the opportunity to grow from the ground up and be a part of the intricate process every step of the way. I sincerely hope you will enjoy wearing our pieces as much as we have enjoyed designing them. 

I don't know where you are today, but I have one message to share with you before leaving: Go for it!

Valeri Christina