Introducing Flirt with gems

March 15, 2023

Introducing Flirt with gems

Amidst the spirited colors of the golden hour, where self-confidence meets playfulness, births our newest collection ‘Flirt With Gems”.

Our Inspiration

The idea behind the collection is to cherish femineity in a way that surfaces often unearthed emotions of carefreeness, seduction, and romance. The collection calls for an embrace of spontaneity, which is the way of heart. In doing so, new doors of life are opened that welcome risks because you can’t tip-toe through life expecting extraordinary. It’s as little as wearing that red lip on a first date or as strong as putting yourself first this one time. The time we have in this world is only finite, so take the risks and expect extraordinary.

Who It’s For

Flirt With Gems choses to resonate with women of all times, the ones free at heart and the ones still seeking freedom from within. It’s for the women who have chosen to believe in love again and for the one’s learning to put themselves first. It’s also for the gorgeous women who feel safe in pastels and for the eccentric women that pair reds with pinks. Feminine expression knows no bounds, making it universal and ever blossoming.

Our Curation

Our collection is an amalgam of glass stones from Italy, namely a colorful range of rhinestones stunningly enveloped in gold-plated brass. The rhinestones come together to give off a gorgeous dangle and make for a statement-piece with any staple piece. The Ametrine Dangle Earrings are a glamorous composure of brown, purple, and beige gems, the palette known to evoke feelings of warmth, security, and earthiness. The Blue Dangle Earrings are another thoughtfully made piece inspiring freedom, intuition, and sensitivity. Our dangling earrings have been curated to accentuate every face shape and the perfect amount of bling and poise to your femineity. With the touch of gold dancing at the depths of colorful gems, its nothing less than an enchanting romance.

Style It Your Way

Flirt With Gems is a versatile collection that can be styled in every way you can think of. The reason for its versatility lies in its fluid inspiration. With a range of earthy colors at play together, the dangling earrings can be styled most marvelously with satin dresses that allow the earrings to steal the show as their beauty compliments your being. There’s nothing that can perk up a casual outfit better than a pair of dangling earrings and thus, freely style them with a dressy jumpsuit for a candle-lit dinner and let the purest of Italy’s gems dangle in the flare. The only right way to style them is the way that gives you the confidence and grace to tease the night away into dawn.

Where Beauty Begins

Flirt With Gems is an epitome of buoyant femininity that’s chic in its style and quirky in its words. Our dangling collection is the most beautiful ornament you could wear, second only to confidence. Remember, beauty begins in the moment you decide to be yourself, in your truest essence.


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